Packing... with love and care

We've put together a little short video to show you how we pack your orders in-house at Pampas Living. Using the best-selling "Wild Nature" dried floral bouquet as an example to show you from start to finish how your orders are packed, with love and care, always. 


1) We will first layout the different types of dried grass and dried flowers for the bouquet, prepare and cut them to the ideal lengths

2) Then gather each type of dried flower stems into a desired bouquet or arrangement, to create the overall look and feel of the bouquet, this could take a little bit of time as each stems is unique and can behave differently

3) We then carefully tie the bouquet with a piece of ribbon to hold the form and it looks pretty. Currently we are using this rose gold recycled nylon ribbon which we really adore, but there are only 3 wheels left! So will have to start sourcing new ones soon - note to myself

4) We will then wrap the bouquet carefully in acid free tissue paper and use paper tape to secure if required. Line the easy-open, eco-friendly packaging box with our branded paper, which is 100% recyclable, and fill any space with more tissue paper. 

5) The paper is sealed with the branded logo sticker, adding a "Thank You card" and a handwritten message on a card if this is requested. In order to minimise the use of paper, we do not print our a despatched note.

6) Finally we use paper tape to secure the box, add a branded logo sticker and a very important "Fragile / Handle with care" label to the outside of the box

Then it's ready for collection!

 P.s. Our branded paper with our leaf logo illustration is elegantly designed, it's minimalistic and elegant which makes it so versatile to reuse, we suggested reusing them as wrapping paper for any occasions. We will only use plastic bubble wrap on rare occasions where extra protection is required. We also try to reuse any packaging from our deliveries to reduce waste, it's just one of many little efforts we take to live more sustainably for the future generations. 



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